Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ideas for Housewives

Being an Indian housewife is a tough job as they hardly have time even for themselves. Below are few investment ideas which a housewife can employ to earn money sitting at home.

i. Fixed Deposits:
You can invest your money in Bank FDs. FDs are the safest investment vehicles to invest in India. Simply walk to your nearest local branch of any bank and apply for the fixed deposit.

ii. Mutual Funds SIP:
If you don’t want to invest lump-sum amount of money but want to invest small amount of money every month than the mutual fund SIP is the best way to do so. Start SIP in some good equity diversified mutual funds and invest fixed amount of money every month in it. Over the time, the equity will give you best returns on your investments.

iii. Post Office Savings Schemes:
You can invest in Post Office Savings schemes. There are literally half a dozen variety of post office savings schemes in which you can invest your money as a housewife and earn greater returns than the fixed deposits.

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